FFSA: politics more important than French legacy

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Nicolas Deschaux, the boss of the French motorsport federation or FFSA is unhappy at what he suspects are the politics that prevented the French Grand Prix from continuing forward at Flins-Les-Mureaux.


It was announced this week that the process had come to a halt after what Deschaux feels were the wrong approach to the issue by French politicians. A google translation of the story from Ouest is:

Following the announcement by the General Council of Yvelines abandonment of the proposed road racing in Flins, President of the French Federation of Motor Sport (FFSA), Nicolas Deschaux, responded Wednesday: “The recent decision of General Council of Yvelines to abandon the project circuit auto Flins is obviously bad news for all those who thought that the complex facing the cars of tomorrow, with its industrial vocations, but also sports and event represented a great opportunity for all involved in sport and automotive, “it said in a statement. And President Deschaux pointing the finger at the lack of cohesion on the issue: “The report Augier” for a political winner of the great events “of July 2009 concluded that the need for a GP France Formula 1. From when a clear national commitment seemed acquired. The FFSA is regrettable that this is clearly not the case. “

But for our French-speaking friends around the world, the original text is:

Au lendemain de l’annonce par le Conseil général des Yvelines de l’abandon du projet de circuit automobile à Flins, le président de la Fédération française du sport automobile (FFSA), Nicolas Deschaux, a réagi ce mercredi: “La récente décision du Conseil Général des Yvelines de renoncer au projet de circuit automobile à Flins est bien évidemment une mauvaise nouvelle pour tous ceux qui pensaient que ce complexe tourné vers l’automobile de demain, avec ses vocations industrielles, mais aussi sportives et événementielles, représentait une grande opportunité pour l’ensemble des acteurs du sport et de l’automobile”, peut-on lire dans un communiqué. Et le président Deschaux de pointer du doigt le manque de cohésion constaté sur le dossier: “Le rapport Augier « pour une politique gagnante des grands événements » de juillet 2009 a conclu à la nécessité d’un Grand Prix de France de Formule 1. Dès lors, une volonté nationale claire semblait acquise. La FFSA peut regretter que cela ne soit visiblement pas le cas.”

I am all in favor of a French Grand Prix and while other countries lobby for their own tracks and races, France should be a country intent on hosting a Grand Prix. Apparently I feel different than the French people about their history with motorsport, their heritage and prestige in the world of racing. I guess this American finds an unnatural fascination with the teams of old and French-racing blue. Prost, Jacques Laffite and todays Jules Bianchi as well as Renault, Peugeot and Pescarolo all combine to create a legacy unheralded by any other country save versus England and Germany.

But I guess that’s not a big deal anymore to French people. I suppose other more pressing things like banning Red Bull or going overboard on political ideology and Green initiatives is ultimately more important to them than motor racing. It’s difficult being an American and caring more about French racing and a French Grand Prix than the French themselves. What a sad state of affairs.

Le Mans is apparently grand-fathered in but the mere hint of an F1 track and they go all weak in the knees. That’s a real shame. Is it any surprise the French have placed politics over their heritage and importance in the world of motorsport? Not really…they are French after all.

Okay, let’s face it, I am having a bit of a go at the French from the stereotypical French maid in the photo to my insinuation that I care more about France than the French do but honestly, the avid motorsport fans in France deserve a race and like Americans, they love their country and motorsport legacy. Let’s hope they get a GP soon.


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