FIA agrees with Parr


Apparently the FIA, who seem to have their fingers in every possible issue this year, have jumped in to defend Adam Parr, Williams F1 CEO, about Ferrari’s cars.

“Ferrari acknowledged that multiple vertical transitions had been used by many teams in the past, including Ferrari itself, and argued that all such prior uses (including its own) had constituted a technical violation of the (technical regulations) which had been tolerated,” the Court of Appeal finding said.

The FIA published the court’s 20-page findings in full on Monday.

In the document, the court – which found in favour of the diffuser teams Brawn, Toyota and Williams – acknowledged the loophole that led to the saga.

Amazingly, the diffuser teams and their rivals had argued at length about whether holes in the controversial designs were actually holes.

“The (diffuser teams) and the FIA submit that, while there may be spaces between different surfaces, the surfaces themselves do not have holes in them. They contend that the spaces between different surfaces are not holes within the very specific meaning of” article 3.12.5.
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The FIA also denied Red Bull’s claim that the governing body turned down its clarification in January 2007 about designing a similar concept.

Monday’s document reads: “The questions put to (the FIA) in previous cases were different and answered correctly and in a manner consistent with its present position.”

I’d like to know what business was it of theirs to actually issue a statement on this and why they would choose to involve themselves? Was anyone hounding them for a verdict on Ferrari or Renault’s cars over teh last eight years this week? It seemed and issue that Adam Parr and Stefano Domenicali were handling and yet the FIA needed to jump in. Why? Keep FOTA divided that’s why.

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