FIA airs dirty laundry: Mosley Unhinged

The FIA has decided to air its dirty laundry this weekend by posting two letters. The first letter is from Ari Vatanen regarding his concern that Max Mosley, current FIA president, is running afoul of French law regarding neutral election process within a not-for-profit organization. The second letter is from Max Mosley to Ari Vatanen in which Mosley defends his actions and endorsement of Jean Todt and takes the opportunity to use this letter, knowing it will be published on the FIA website, to once again berate and accuse Vatanen of not being a sound candidate.


The bravado, arrogance and deliberate nature of his belligerent attacks is just deplorable. I have never seen such a lack of decorum and professional acumen in a long time. Instead of addressing the concern with a modicum of professional courtesy, Mosley takes the opportunity to patronize and berate Vatanen in an attempt to humiliate him. It is a sad state of afairs and to be honest, I am not sure why the FIA felt compelled to publish the letters other than to damage the Vatanen campaign. Any communication from Vatanen is being met with an opportunity to berate him publicly using his communication as a catalyst for a rebuke. It is a shameless and pathetic notion which has become de riguer for the FIA under the Mosley regime.

First, the Vatanen letter: Click here.

Now the Mosley reply: Click here.

What do you think? Do you think this is a proper and measured response to Vatanen’s concerns?

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