FIA announces changes to regs including cool fuel

The FIA released a series of changes to the regulations that were agreed to by the teams. Some of the interesting elements are:

  • Teams can change an engine in Parc Ferme condition so long as it is a newer version of their engine. If you are a team who is just developing parts, then this comes in handy. The FIA will also allow temporary fixes to an engine as long as it is local and rare.
  • If engaged in a tire test, you can try out spare parts like Ferrari did with their alternate floors.
  • Mirror rules to improve visibility have been updated and deflection tests for the rear wing have as well.
  • They tried moving the race preview interviews to Friday but that was tough and since the drivers are required to be at the track on Thursday anyway, they will move those back to Thursday.
  • The fuel temp is interesting as well as Aston Martin was caught out by this earlier in the season.

Here are the changes:

FIA Formula One World Championship

Here is a summary of some of the key changes to the 2022 Sporting and Technical Regulations approved by the World Council:

  • The regulations governing car limitations during tyre testing have been updated
  • The timing of the official pre-event media activities for Drivers has been updated. This activity will now take place within a two-hour window, 23 hours prior to the scheduled start of Free Practice 1
  • Deflection tests for Rear Wing Mainplane Trailing Edge and Beam Wing Flexibility have been updated
  • Fuel will now be permitted to be chilled to 20°C at hotter races. The temperature reference will be taken one hour in advance of the session
  • Regulations regarding mirrors have been updated to allow greater rearward visibility
  • An update has been made allowing a Power Unit to be replaced in Parc Fermé with one of a newer specification
  • A provision has been made to allow for temporary repairs to be made to Power Units

The World Council was given an update on the progress of the 2026 Power Unit Regulations, which are due to be finalized and presented before the next World Motor Sport Council meeting, following considerable work and consultation between the FIA, Formula 1, the incumbent Power Unit manufacturers and potential newcomers.

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Are these changes immediate?