FIA: As day dawns; so does speculation

We suggested a few possible outcomes of the FIA entry list issue due in just a few hours time. We’ve hinted at a delay in the list to omission of all FOTA teams but the most likely scenario will be much more intertwined than that. There are legal issues rampant in the decisions of the FIA and if that wasn’t enough, those legal implications, contracts and positions will be pushed and pressed to the furthest limit of their original intent to gain footing for FOM and the FIA. It is not as simple as suggesting they won’t have the FOTA teams on the list. While some may not be on the list, a few will be as the FIA and FOM feel they have obligations to under contracts signed.

To put that in perspective and make a prediction to see if we are correct, I think the Telegraph sums up the issues at hand very nicely (as they are generally prone to do). Read the article here.

I am inclined to agree with them on several levels but that’s not to say we should write this on a rock. Max has surprised us all on many occasions. Mr. Cary, however, has outlined some major issues that I think contribute to a political move fashioned as an entry list that will exacerbate the situation and bring a litigious future for the sport. Including Ferrari on the list is a separate row over the legality of their signed Concorde Agreement that expires in 2012. Including Red Bull suggests they have a legal obligation to the FIA or FOM that they are currently not honoring by refusing to apply unconditionally. As for Toyota and BMW, the FIA may feel they are expendable since they have new teams chomping at the bit to enter the sport with their $60MM budget. Who knows how this will pan out but suffice to say, I fear we are witnessing a very serious implosion of a massive sport. The sheer mass of this sport both financially and commercially will only lead to a gigantic crater when it falls.

Having said that, I thought you might enjoy Mr. Cary’s prediction and we can see just how good his crystal ball is in a few hours.

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