FIA ask Mercedes to change front wing

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At the first race of the season, the talk was centered around the front wing profiles and how different they were from team to team. What was striking was the Ferrari wing which was higher at the center mounting point and swooped downward to the endplates.

Mercedes had an opposite design and there was much talk about if they would copy Ferrari’s wing. Mercedes were quick to suggest that a team can’t make quick changes like that but I argued that if anyone could, it would be Mercedes.

This weekend in China, the FIA have asked Mercedes to make changes to their new front wing they brought for the Chinese Grand Prix. Apparently, the endplates were re-profiled and there was a portion of the upper element that was exposed.

The FIA inspected the wing and asked them to change it which Mercedes did by lopping off the end of the offensive upper element. Issue averted but it is a sign that Mercedes is trying very hard to create a new front wing design and have been doing so, seemingly, since the very first race.

Red Bull have been relatively candid about their possible aero and chassis issue but Mercedes have been rather mute about what exactly it is they are focused on but the changes to the front wing is at least an insight to the kinds of things they are working diligently on.

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Frankly, I’m not sure Merc even wants to copy Ferrari’s front wing. I think this is a genuine battle of concepts and Merc may have a winner here.