FIA calling USF1 to the carpet?

If you have been following the USF1 saga, then no doubt you read AUTOSPORT’s story quoting an insider at the team yesterday. the plot ploit thickens it seems as AUTOSPORT is now reporting that the FIA’s Charlie Whiting is visiting the USF1 HQ to ascertain the progress and situation.


While the FIA has been accused of doing serious due diligence regarding the new teams entering the 2010 season, it now seems that they are keen to determine just how feasible the USF1 operation is. By AUTOSPORT’s own account from an insider, it seems very unlikely that they will be ready for Bahrain let alone the 2010 season.

If reports of a salvation plan are true, the main investor and YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley is being looked at for delivering the team from the burning ashes. Rumors have suggested that he has been meeting with Campos Meta in a merger deal and that USF1 driver Jose Maria Lopez is perhaps in line for the second seat at Campos alongside Bruno Senna.

Still perplexing is just what Campos stands to gain in a merger beyond the investment dollars of Hurley as they already ahve an entry in the 2010 season. The more salient need for USF1’s official 2010 entry would be Serbian-based Stefan GP who has run a mirrored operation in preparation for a 2010 season for which they have no official entry.

Nevertheless, it appears that the FIA are starting to take serious concern in the wherewithal of USF1 and perhaps building its case for inclusion or exclusion for the 2010 season. The FIA does need to know which direction it needs to take regarding the official entry, which teams will field cars and just what USF1’s intention is.

Interesting to me is the idea that the FIA is seeking confirmation and most likely a meeting with USF1 principles Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor on the viability of USF1 for 2010 while it has been rumored that Hurley’s representative is in Europe working toward some salvation plan as per AUTOSPORT’s story. Apparently adding flesh to the rumor that Hurley and USF1 founders Anderson and Windsor may not be singing from the same hymnal. AUTOSPORT said:

Less than 24 hours after a senior staff member at the Charlotte-based operation revealed the troubles the team is in, high level sources have told AUTOSPORT that the FIA is now taking a detailed look at the team.

AUTOSPORT understands that FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting is visiting US F1’s headquarters to get an update on its progress for 2010 – and just how ready it is to compete this year.

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