FIA changes Safety Car rule to avoid Abu Dhabi debacle

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Well, you’re not going to have that ambiguous Safety Car rule to kick around anymore as the pesky word, “Any”, has now been replaced with the word “all”. Is everyone happy now? 

I understand the change, as discussed the the always-impressive Adam Cooper over at Motorsport but I would have liked to see a change in the actual procedure to shorten the time it takes to arrange the grid. Ideas such as all lapped cars slow and allow the cars on the lead lap to move forward. 

This isn’t a Michael Masi issue either as in teh past, when Charlie Whiting was in charge, it took too long to get all the lapped cars by the leader and around to the tail of the line. F1 needs to devise a better way to arrange and organize their grid in times of a Safety Car. 

If slowing isn’t the answer, then maybe there is a better way? Maybe not uncapping at all? What do you think about the change to the regulations and how they might cure this uncapping issue? 

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To me, the hindsight answer to the 2021 Abdu Dhabi GP is to red flag the race when you have less than 10 laps remaining, change to fresh tyres and have great shootout. If you had changed your tyres 2 laps before the incident, that’s on you, it’s tough to predict if a stoppage occurs. Let me know what you think. A lot of people are going to get into the what if’s, but it’s over and done with. That was 2021, now it’s 2022. If you go back in time and change that one rule for 2021, why not… Read more »

Xean Drury

They still should have updated the rules to lapped cars drop to the back of the grid… ~X8


Could they not try slowing the leaders down behind the safety car, then allow all lapped cars past. Once the last car is past the safety car, it then does 1 full lap, plus how ever much further it is to the pitlane and pulls in. Or maybe even take those on the lead lap through the pitlane while the lapped cars carry on on the trac. This could allow them to get past quicker and safer without any obstructions in their way.