FIA consider Movable aero devices

Long thought to be the bitter, evil end of F1; moving aerodynamic pieces on an a car were banned. One need look no further than 2007 with Ferrari’s movable floor (which started the Nigel Stepney espionage incident) to see an example of the ban. Yet now the FIA are interested in moving aero to promote overtaking in F1. It seems Max has decided that having a movable aero device could reduce drag and allow cars slip-stream past other cars in certain areas of the track…just like the old days.

Or they could just remove the total amount of down force allowed from “X” lbs. of down force to “y” lbs. But that’s just me talking out loud.

Using modern technology, moveable aero devices could be used to give a car more downforce and less drag whenever it was in turbulent air.
“This would produce wheel-to-wheel racing on all types of circuit. It would, however, require significant (possibly automatic) moveable aero devices.”

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