FIA Create ‘Election Home Page’

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Well I know you are all following closely and as soon as I can find the link to the “official” application I will be getting mine in. The FIA, not wanting to seem biased, has created a new web page where you, the lowly fan, can follow along with the presidential election campaigns for this Octobers election.

A small bio for each candidate and more information is offered under the notion of “transparency”. I do find this humorous:

In the interest of transparency and in line with the FIA’s good governance principles, the FIA Secretariat will make public the full list of nominations, and will take a neutral role in providing support and online facilities to promote each Presidential candidate.

I can see where Max Mosley, current president, endorsing Jean Todt on FIA letterhead is really “neutral” although it was very “transparent”. Nice try but FIA=fail on the “neutral” front. Stay tuned to this page as I hope to have my picture up there soon. I am assembling my cabinet which will consist of good people and we will be catering to all the small car clubs personally.

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