FIA directive focused on fuel pressures

Have the Formula 1 teams found a unique way of skirting the fuel flow regulation of 100kgs/h in 2015? Maybe…maybe not but the FIA’s new directive sure seems to imply a stronger desire to measure the fuel flow rate in much closer detail.

The new directive says that teams must have a system in place to allow for the measurement of fuel pressures at multiple points in the system and according to AUTOSPORT, this has to comply with current ECU specifications.

technical regulation 5.10.5 says that “any device, system or procedure the purpose and/or effect of which is to increase the flow rate after the measurement point is prohibited”. Perhaps there are some cunning uses for fuel pressure in which to increase the flow rate to the ICE?

Currently the measurement is gauged by the flow meter that regulates the flow of fuel to 100kgs/h so a directive that mandates measuring pressure levels throughout the system seems like this is immediately addressing something they’ve found.



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The first thing I thought of was oxygenated fuel, I’m sure the fuel companies could find ways to get around flow rates.

Paul KieferJr

But then they might run afoul of the rules governing fuel formulations and fuel mixtures. We’ll have to check into that.