FIA: from OWG to Overtaking Seminar…must be serious

The FIA held an Overtaking Seminar on November 11th and the outcome of that meeting has yet to be seen. I was willing to let it go for a while and just publish the findings but as it’s been a while, perhaps we should at least discuss the situation.

An international seminar to examine the issue of overtaking in motor sport was hosted by the FIA in Paris on 11 November.

The event was attended by key stakeholders including FIA technical experts, circuit designers, technical directors, senior engineers and drivers from Formula One, NASCAR, IRL as well as other major championships.

The aim of the seminar was to share the latest research and to examine recommendations to improve overtaking opportunities. Issues discussed included aerodynamic design solutions, circuit design and layout and potential sporting regulations.

The FIA will prepare a report based on the findings of the seminar and subsequent expert group discussions, which will be widely disseminated in a consultation with the international motor sport community.


If you recall, last year the FIA assembled the Overtaking Working Group and it was given one mission–improve overtaking in F1. It may have worked if then FIA president Max Mosley didn’t throw KERS in to the mix to ruin any gain the movable aero devices gave them or the narrow rear end et. al.

What we have now is a new president at the FIA and a new initiative. A overtaking seminar sounds a bit like all-day show-up and throw-up not unlike an Amway seminar. Different teams selling different opinions on overtaking an yet no one wanting to divulge their secret sauce lest their Big Mac be compromised. I hold out hope and will refrain from making any predictions due to the fact that I wouldn’t want to spoil any real gains the FIA makes in this critical area.

The FIA says they will release a report, as I am sure they will what with the new era of transparency, and we will publish the findings but until then perhaps we can help the FIA by suggesting a couple of overtaking initiatives we think might be worth looking at. I will start the conversation off:

Dear Jean,

I offer for your consideration regarding the Overtaking Seminar…ditch KERS! If that is already being done, then reduce total downforce limit at 100mph.

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