FIA give teams a 5th engine for 2015

Heading into the 2015 season, the FIA had made a change to the regulations which limited teams to just 4 engines per season per car. After just one race, the FIA have now changed the rules back to 2014 parameters that allow for five engines per season.

The reason, which could even be seen last year, is that the teams do limited running during a weekend in order to preserve their engines. It’s also compounded by the fact that some teams have already used their second allotment of certain components after just one race in 2015.

Ferrari’s James Allison said:

“Clearly it moves in the direction of offering us more flexibility, more opportunity to bring things to the track so we will go away and figure out what we can do if and when that rule happens.”

What Allison is suggesting is that the new regulation change will allow for teams to fully utilize the loophole they discovered in bringing their developments or token use throughout the season.

There is the fine line between demanding high technology and hybrid engines and limiting the application. Naturally teams will limit the risk and in this case, the fans are the suffering element in the equation—few or no cars running during free practice sessions and developing the entire year’s strategy around not running the engines.

I’m all for the era of the engine but to be honest the entire hybrid format and regulatory controls around it has been a damp squib. Having said that, it is a fine line and leaving the entire specification open means rampant increase in costs so the FIA is seeking the happy medium and this is most likely a good move toward it.


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So…is the FIA going to open up lines of credit so the teams can afford the fifth engine?

Negative Camber

They already made payday loans to get some of the teams to Australia. I think Briatore should open up a F1 Pawn Shop to help teams out.

Chuck C

Or maybe Flavio can sign some of those Speedo pictures and sell them?

John The Race Fan

Maybe that could help boost Scott Tucker’s defense fund….

Richard Bunce

Maybe the FIA should open the specification to include used Ford F-150 engines.