FIA has No Comment

Oddly, the FIA has no comment on the MI5 agent’s resignation after it was revealed that his wife was one of the prostitutes involved in the Max Mosley sex scandal. If there is a danger to the FIA, Max Mosley must surely be it. The hiring of a world-renown attorney on the FIA’s dime to determine if the allegations of a Naz-theme was indeed included in Max’s sex romp, the letters that have been sent and this latest letter on FIA letterhead.

Is it me or is Max playing all angles and working all machines to cling desperately toa job that he no longer is fit for? If the letter from Max went out on FIA letterhead; then why is the FIA reticent to have any comments? Perhaps because Max is taking liberty with the organizations letterhead, office and monies to clear his name? Let’s just hope Max doesn’t do anything rash. IF you love the sport; leave the sport Max. Spare us all the embarrassment.

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