FIA hire former journalist as new F1 Commissioner

The FIA has appointed a new F1 Commissioner to assist with strategies and improvements for the series. According to Jonathan Noble over at Autosport, Dieter Rencken has been named new F1 Commissioner.

Perhaps not a surprise as to the new role at Mohammed Ben Sulayem, FIA president, has stated in the past that he is looking to flesh out the F1 management program and step back from doing as much as he initially did when he was elected. Some might suggest this stepping back move was something that the teams may have wanted as well.

Regardless of reason, who is Dieter Rencken? Dieter is a South African former F1 journalist and has plied his craft in the series over many years. Dieter has always been very kind to us at TPF and I appreciate his collegial nature for sure but I’ve never spoken to him personally so I do not know him that well. I’ve certainly been the beneficiary of his work over the years, that’s for sure.

It’s an interesting move to make given the numerous F1 personal orbiting the series such Alan Permane and others who have decades of team experience and insider knowledge of what teams do and how they do it.

On the other hand, Maybe Ben Sulayem reckons that a different perspective might be a good thing. Why not have an observers insight from an individual who has observed all teh good and bad of F1 for decades?

As Jonathan points out, as he very good at, former president Jean Todt sought an F1 Commissioner but never made it happen. This is a step in the right direction because I doubt the sport needs Ben Sulayem doing the weigh-in’s after the race and arguing with Christian Horner again at this year’s FIA prize giving gala.

Dieter seems like a good guy and sharp cookie when it comes to F1 so let’s see how he does. I also find his writing to be practical and to the point. Perhaps this nature will purvey in the commissioner role as well.

We wish Dieter Rencken much success in his new role.

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paul charsley

Dammit! Didn’t get the job again!

Xean Drury

Yea, because you don’t have enough on your plate as it is? XD

Xean Drury

Is it just me, or does it seem that old Eddie Everywhere MBS has finally settled into his role?