FIA in Damage Control | Podcast Ep 820

Join Grace and me as we discuss the recent controversies and friction at the FIA. We discuss old websites, nuclear options, vote of no confidence, Ferrari’s new focus, Audi’s minority position and much more.

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Ford historically only ever badged engines developed by others. The DFV was a Cosworth engine, all Ford supplied was the money.

Given the success of that project, what is wrong with doing the same again?

When Ford did get more involved (and bought the Stewart team, running it as Jaguar) it was particularly unsuccessful.


If Ford is looking to invest in RBR, how does that sit with the whole Honda thing?

As for commentators,
I know what you mean about Naomi but she is getting better, I think Johnny has had his day, he’d become the ‘comedy relief’ guy doing silly features for the show, PDR is a loss, I think he still has a lot of racing commitments, so maybe it’s that.
I’d be quite happy to see the back of Karun and Simon Lazenby.