FIA inspects USF1 facility


In Team USF1’s continuing PR gambit, they newest press release has just hit the desk here at F1B. Now we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we left it to collect dust because USF1 is counting on us to propagate their PR assault on impressionable minds.


American Team Remains On Schedule to Compete in 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship

Charlotte, N.C. (October 8, 2009) – US F1 Team announced today that the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) completed its second round of visits to the team’s headquarters on Wednesday and was pleased with US F1’s progress and excited about its potential for 2010 and beyond.

“I personally visited the US F1 Team in August as well as this week, and I am impressed with the progress made by the organization since the Concorde Agreement was signed in late July,” said Nick Craw, FIA’s Deputy President for Sport. “It has all come together very quickly for the team, and we welcome them into Formula One competition in 2010.”
US F1 Team, led by Formula One veterans Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor, is the only U.S.-based team scheduled to compete in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship. It bids to become the first American team to win a Grand Prix since Dan Gurney’s Eagle in 1967.

As part of the process to ensure success for the four new Formula One teams entering into 2010 competition, the FIA visited US F1 Team headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. twice in the span of three months – both times reaffirming the tremendous progress made by the team since its acceptance into Formula One on June 12, 2009.

“We have had an open dialogue with the FIA since the team’s inception in 2008, and we welcome their visits to the United States,” said Ken Anderson, US F1 Team principal, president and CEO. “We are proud to show them that, despite what is currently circulating in the rumor mill, our Charlotte shop is fully operational and we are well under way to construction of a unique U.S.-designed Formula One race car.”

In addition to announcing Chad Hurley as its primary investor, US F1 has also assembled a world-class race team made up of some of motorsports’ best minds and most influential suppliers and technical partners. Design of the 2010 racecar is complete, crucial components are currently being constructed and the team is on-schedule to produce a ‘roller’ by early November and a race-ready car for ‘shakedown’ by mid-January.

“The creation of a new team in the world’s toughest form of motorsport is not easy, but there is no doubt whatsoever that we will be on the grid inBahrain in March 2010,” Anderson said. “We have the right staff, the right partners and soon we will have the right drivers. We look forward to going racing next year.”

About US F1 Team
US F1 Team is an officially sanctioned and approved Formula One team that was formed by motorsports veterans Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor. From the design and construction of the racecar to the development of the next generation of American drivers, US F1 Team brings an authentic American effort to the global stage of Formula One. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, motorsports capital of the United States, US F1 Team will compete full time in 2010 and beyond in one of the world’s largest and most popular sports.

The FIA is certainly taking a strong interest in ensuring that president Max Mosley’s endorsement in small, private teams is panning out. Why I haven’t seen this kind of media-induced review since the Iran nuclear inspections by the Peter Seller’s inspired IAEA.
The key here is that USF1 have taken a beating in the rumor mill about their hollow threat of starting a team. The dog-eared rumor, even promoted by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, was that Team USF1 was a letterhead operation with a vacant building and a couple Dell laptop computers. As you can see, Nick Craw doesn’t think that is the case. He is more than impressed with what Chad Hurley’s money has purchased and let’s face it getting a new CNC machine lease is not easy. It take credit applications and ballpoint pens.
The key here is that being a team entails having a joint effort and output. The lack of a visible output, save versus Peter Windsor’s weekly PR blast, was concerning people. It remains to be seen if the team will actually make it to the grid and sometimes those business relationships have a tendency to become sour. What started as a joint-ran fiefdom has now become serfdom for Windsor and CEO Ken Anderson. They are beholden to Hurley and others who have placed cash behind USF1’s words. Now…can we make words in to parts and parts in to results?

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