FIA Looks for BMW Replacement

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With BMW’s announcement that they are leaving F1 at the end of the 2009 season and Peter Sauber’s, a 20% owner of the squad, inability to reach an agreement with BMW on a buyout; it seems that Max Mosley has re-opened the list of reserve teams interested in joining F1 in 2010.

The leading candidates, according to Autosport, are Epsilon and Prodrive.

Epsilon Team boss Joan Villadelprat told AUTOSPORT last week: “We are still working on the project, at a much slower rate obviously because we don’t have the security [to be on the grid].

“What we can say is that the people who were interested in helping us are still interested, which is something incredible. And if the opportunity arises, we are going to attack it, there’s no doubts about it.”

This is all good as long as both teams are going to use Cosworth right? The FIA will look at an application from Peter Sauber should he secure a deal to buy the vestiges of the BMW F1 team just like all the other applicants. I guess that will show them! How dare a manufacturer bow out of F1! My advice Peter? Contact Cosworth to increase your chances ten fold. Otherwise hang it up. The FIA only accepts applications from Cosworth-powered teams.


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