FIA Penalty: The Fall out (your opinion?)

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Folks, it is a sad day for me. Not because McLaren didn’t get harsher treatment (I think this whole affair was over the top to be honest) but because Max is incapable of keeping an impartial eye on the sport he is supposed to be safeguarding.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket surgeon to figure out that Max took this opportunity to go easy on Macca because he got what he ultimately wanted; Ron Dennis out of the sport. Ron knew this was the desired outcome and while his team lied, he took the opportunity to give Max what he wanted in return for leniency. Is this the kind of representation this sport needs?

The official statement of the hearing is that due to a “culture change” at McLaren; everything is fine now and they are on probation? What is that? This isn’t professional sport management, it’s Grammar School discipline at best! I am beside myself with the politics of Max Mosley. This man has done more to damage F1 than help it and his legacy is less than savory given the sex scandal and consistently inconsistent regulation changes. He has presided over a sport that has become the very thing he disdains now due to costs and eco-destructive behavior and yet it all happened under his watch. Obama, Harper, Brown, Merkel, Sarkozy and Rudd don’t get this kind of dispensation when things happen on their watch and they are world leaders.

Why is our sport being eroded with politics? Yes, it is a politcal beast when the money reaches the level that F1 delivers but in the end game, it’s wrong. You may not be a Ron Dennis fan and I have certianly been at odds with him before (as a Ferrari fan) but I must say that Max has used this entire event to usher out one of the last true passionate racers in F1. Sir Frank Williams remains. Let us hope Max doesn’t get a burr under his saddle about Frank and kicks him to the curb through his kangaroo court system of punishment.


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