FIA Pikeys

Apparently Martin Brundle is in a bit of hot water after the ITV pre-race show where he asked Bernie Ecclestone what he thought about the track resurfacing efforts:

“There are some pikeys there at Turn 10 putting tarmac down – what do you think of that?”

Which prompted this:

“This word has been used on television in the past and is highly derogatory. They have caused much offence in the past.”

From the spokesman at the Equality and human Rights Commission.  Now I have always understood Pikeys to mean a transient group or gypsy but perhaps our British contingent can enlighten me as to what people specifically this is offending in the UK.  I am not saying it isn’t offensive; I just don’t knwo who it is offending.  I mean a “transient” gypsy of a pe3rson could well be talking about my neighbor for crying out loud and he’s Dutch…I think.

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