FIA release tire tender, no tire war in 2017?

I never really minded the tire war. It had its moments of confusion and it played a key role int eh performance advantage of certain teams but in the end, it kept everyone frosty and on their toes as it were.

The FIA have released a tender for tire supplier of Formula 1. Pirelli’s current contract expires at the end of 2016 so the series is keen to start proceedings to determine the next provider and that’s not to say it won’t be Pirelli if the Italian tire maker feels their involvement is paying big dividends in the form of sales.

One thing that does seem clear is that the FIA are figuring the series will have another sole-supplier for 2017-2019 which means that any hope of a tire war returning to F1 is most likely off the table.

Michelin had intimated that they may be interested in returning if the Formula 1 got serious about tires again and stopped monkeying about with high degradation tires. Something F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone seems reluctant to give up on and why should he when it happens to be one of the few things that is making F1 unpredictable…well, at least it did in the first year or two of the concept.

Formula 1 seeking a cure or antibiotic to heal its infection which seems to be a condition caused by rampant spending, technology gone wild and constructs designed to mask the deficits caused by said technology and regulatory mine fields.

Did anyone see the logical conclusion of technology innovations born from galactic budgets such as 24/7 wind tunnel operation, CFD machines, hybrid engines demanded to appear socially responsible or whatever the term is for not being a blight on humanity and the earth as a whole.

The fact is none of these regulation changes, runaway technology innovations and constructs are making F1 more authentic and that’s why the thought of bringing tire supplier(s) back into the sport with good tires seems to make sense. That’s why the F1 Strategy Group is looking for big changes in 2017.

The movie War Games comes to mind when the general says, “hell I’d piss on a spark plug if I thought it would do any good”.


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Frank Edgar

F1 is f&cked. Deal with it.


Probably, but I don’t think this forum is ready to deal with it. We’ll keep picking over the sport seeing good in the bad bits and bad inthe good ;-)


Todd, do you know if the tender is for tyres of the current diameters and profile, or is it for the larger diameter low profile tyres?????


I believe it is open, if the tyre supplier can demonstrate that using a larger diameter wheel is for the good of the sport.


It would be interesting to read the submissions for that. I can’t see it helping with the strategy groups ideas to reduce cost, weight, but they will look pretty……..


I don’t see how a tyre war would work with the current lack of testing. Pirelli have enough problems with the limited amount of development they need to do, without the constant evolution required in a competitive environment. Plus there is the consideration that tyres would be developed to suit one team (or even one driver) leaving the other customers as second class teams.


The SKY Monaco qualification coverage included a clip of Martin Brundle doing two demonstration laps in a GP2 car on 18 inch wheels and pirelli low profile tyres. It does look good, and while the car isn’t set up for that wheel and tyre combination so there were no performance insights, Brundle mentioned one factor I hadn’t considered before. The drivers view of the track is obstructed by the fronts. They did look very tall. He also mentioned the weight penalty (15kg per set – but I’ve seen higher numbers previously), and the effects off all that rotating mass. Greater… Read more »