FIA sets up group on women in motor sports; no, Danica’s not on it


The FIA has commissioned a group “to facilitate the full participation of women in all aspects of motor sport,” the FIA announced today. Former World Rally Championship race winner Michele Mouton will be the group’s president.

“Women already have their place in motor sport; they have proved it,” said Mouton, who was the first female rally winner back in the 1980s. “But for many years people have asked me why there have been no women following in my footsteps. I really hope the Commission can help answer that question and that we can attract and support women in all areas of our sport.”

The representatives on the group include the following:

Michèle Mouton President

Frédérique Trouvé FIA Commission Manager
Kady Angelbert FISAM, Côte d’Ivoire
Banu Baseran TOSFED, Turkey
Ina Fabry DMSB, Germany
Henny Hemmes KNAF, Netherlands
Fabrizia Pons ACI-CSAI, Italy
Sarka Regnerova ACCR, Czech Republic
Sue Sanders MSA, United Kingdom
Mar de Villa RFEA, Spain
Randa Nabulsi Middle East representative
TBA Asia representative
Brigitte Zufferey Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
Mr Jaime Puig SEAT Sport
Cathy Muller Team Manager
Monisha Kaltenborn Sauber Group
Natacha Gachnang GT1 driver
Katherine Legge Audi DTM driver
Hayley Gallagher FIA Communications

So, I joke in the headline there’s no Danica Patrick, but does it surprise anyone there isn’t even United States representation? Or is motor sports really an area that the U.S. so lags behind that it doesn’t belong, despite four potential female starters in the Indy 500. (True, not all are American.)

Here’s a bit more from the FIA:

FIA President Jean Todt said: “The FIA’s membership around the world comprises men and women; each has an identical part to play in sport. Like many international federations, we will support, promote and help advance the participation of women in motor sport to ensure equal opportunities at all levels.”

The WMC aims to put in place strategies and policies that will promote education and training, and put into practice actions and events that will strengthen the participation of women in all areas of motor sport. The Commission will work with the FIA’s sporting and non-sporting commissions, ASNs and other key international federations on joint sporting projects. The WMC will also take an active role in international forums and conferences devoted to the place of women in sport, and the advances that can be made.

Any other aspects strike anyone? Inclusions on the list of members, or exclusions? How about the basic mission, summed up on the quoted paragraph above?

Jokes about why this didn’t happen during Max Mosley’s reign are welcome, as well. Just keep them PG-13. Bonus points if you can keep them PG, or even G, and still have them “make sense.”

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