FIA squirms over new superlicense plan, what should F2 be?

The FIA’s comments to AUTOSPORT regarding their controversial new superlicense points system is almost audible, “okay, okay…give it a rest already…we’ll reconsider the damn thing no get off our backs”.

The FIA released a cracking new points system intended to limit the age and require a certain level of experience for youngsters who wish to enter Formula 1. This on the heels of Max Verstappen’s announced ride at Toro Rosso in 2015 at the ripe and wise age of eighteen.

Now they been queried by Renault 3.5 and other series as they omitted several junior categories as well as DTM and even favored their own, non-existent, F2 series as the biggest point hauler in the process. Nothing like stamping out competing junior racing series by giving your own series the biggest appeal and omitting others. Ham-fisted seems to be the word that comes to mind.

Now they have explained two things I find of interest. First:

“The criteria with which the points system has been defined are not only driven by the relative sporting performance of the various championships,” added the spokesman.

“There are other considerations that we, as the rule maker, need to include as well.

“We are of course listening to Renault’s feedback or any other party involved.

“And, as explained before, based on our experience with the new superlicence structure, we might in the future adjust the points system.”

So now they are willing to re-visit the issue in the future? Perhaps that means after seeing a few years of impact form their pragmatism they will tweak the system. Perhaps they will see how this new points system which is heavily loaded toward their yet-to-be created F2 series favors team investment and revenue streams and then make a decision? I also enjoyed the justification, “we, as the rule maker, need to include”…like a new revenue stream. ;)

Also, I found this interesting:

“The FIA’s intention is to develop a clear streamlined ladder from the grassroots of motorsport to Formula 1,” said the spokesman.

“The future FIA Formula 2 will form an important step in this process.”

There has been talk recently about a clearer path to F1 and a more structured feeder or ladder program. Apparently the FIA feel that GP2 and GP3 are not the right road and they will now create a F2 program that will be more effective in developing tomorrow’s world champions.

This is all fine but it does bring up the question of what should the ladder system look like and more importantly, what do you think the new F2 program should be? Spec series? Hyrbid engines? Is it a series to develop drivers or could there be some creative, non-spec elements to help develop the next Adrian Newey? Let us know what you think the new F2 program should look like.


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