FIA thank Team Caterham for putting out fire

FIA president Jean Todt had a message for Team Caterham. It’s similar to the message I wrote right here. Team Caterham had four team members treated after the fire broke out in the Williams F1 garage at the Spanish Grand Prix.  While Williams team members were stellar in their efforts to put out the fire, other teams joined in to help and Team Caterham was one of them

Upon returning home, team boss Tony Fernandes recieved a thank you from Jean Todt for the teams efforts in helping Williams F1:

“When I saw what happened in (Williams) garage I was obviously concerned for the safety of my team and all the people from teams up and down the grid who showed incredible bravery, putting themselves in the middle of a very dangerous situation to help a fellow team,” Fernandes said.

“Since the team returned to base I have received a very gracious communication from Jean Todt, thanking our boys for helping put the fire out.

“The actions of the Williams team, people from our team and everyone else who helped out, stopped the situation escalating and it makes me incredibly proud to be part of a sport that shows such bravery and spirit.

“For us, teams like Williams set the standards we must reach on track, but we showed on Sunday that when faced with adversity we behave like a Championship-winning team.

“That spirit is at the heart of our team and it is what we will call on to keep progressing and keep fighting to emulate the teams ahead.”

That’s very nice of Jean to do and I was also struck by the camaraderie and sacrifice all teams made in putting out the fire. They were all true champs for their efforts and deserve a lot of credit for stopping would could have been much worse. As champions of safety, it is nice to see the FIA praise those involved for their efforts in assisting in the situation.

The FIA is also working with Williams F1 to determine the cause of the fire and find measures to reduce any future replications of such an event from happening.

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