FIA tighten radio ban wording; Must be reading my editorials

Some folks may have been looking for a lift in the radio ban from the FIA after Lewis Hamilton’s Baku issues, Sergio Perez in Austria or Nico Rosberg at Silverstone but what they got was a tightening of the regulation in regards to item number 2 on the radio ban list:

Previous Verbiage: “Indication of a critical problem with the car. Any message of this sort may only be used if failure of a component or system is imminent and potentially terminal.”

New Verbiage: “Indication of a problem with the car. Any message of this sort must include an irreversible instruction to enter the pits to rectify the problem or to retire the car.”

You’ll recall my piece about the Rosberg penalty and how that 10s penalty would simply be considered if and when the team had another issue now that they knew the precedent and I wondered if the penalty was just one of several punitive actions stewards may take or the definitive penalty for radio infractions. I argued that breaking the ban should incur some sort of pit stop and potential loss of track position and it seems the FIA agree with me on this.

As I argued prior, simply adding 10s to the time of the penalized car is not the kind of punitive action that could disrupt the running of a Mercedes—who normally have well over 10s in hand over the competition—and while I am not keen to punish those who have a clear performance advantage over others simply because they do, I believe that ceding track position, even if you have 45s in hand, always adds drama and potential back markers to the equation. Anything can happen in a pit stop and losing physical track position can at least add some gravity to the situation. May not be a perfect solution but at least the FIA are listening to me. ;)

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Netx up .. f1 as a silent movie. Bans commentating and cheers. Also fixes the boos too so not all bad.

Max Johnson

It’s been pretty quiet since 2014. I have to turn up my speakers since to hear the cars.

Paul Riseborough

Another case of NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) from the V8’s :)

Tadhg O'Donovan

This makes sense to me. They really should be limiting what the drivers can adjust on the fly. While I appreciate that we will likely not return to just having a brake bias dial, the ability – and expectation, that they reprogramme the cars electronics while lapping at top speed is not the message to give out. The sight of Lewis or Britney trying to find the right code or mode or whatever while continuing to race down the straight and corners does not exactly send the right message! Distracted driving much? Much too much! Yes they are great drivers,… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

So, if a problem goes critical, but the easiest way to fix that is to make an adjustment on the fly (dial this here, switch that there), does the FIA deprive them of that ability? Is that actually fair?


If the driver knows what to do, he can do it. If not the team can instruct the driver to pit, where they can give more detailed instructions.



Looking at the Rosberg case. Merc would not have been able to tell him there was a problem. Result? Boom goes the dynamite.


Rosberg knew there was a problem – he was stuck in 7th gear. Under the previous rules, the team was allowed to tell him to switch to default settings. What was not ok was when the team responded to Nico asking how to handle 7th gear (avoid it by not going above 6th, or quick-shift through to 8th), and later (which was not heard on the world feed) what to do to get out of 7th if it gets stuck again. Under the new rule, the team can tell the driver whatever they like in regards to fixing or driving… Read more »


A right step in the small picture, but the wrong direction overall… As I commented on the Rosberg penalty post, if your overall goal is to stop all kinds of “coaching” (even on sorting technical faults), this makes sense. If there is a problem that the driver can’t fix on his/her own, the car needs to enter the pits (even if only to drive through the pits) so the team can instruct the driver on how to fix it. It also makes the penalty situation more clear, since any penalty for further Rosberg type situations would need to match a… Read more »

Just A Tranny

NC, don’t give up your day job! :-P

Negative Camber

I stunned I’m even employable at all such is the level of my depravity.

Just A Tranny

Lolz, after listening to y’all for several years depraved is the last discriptor I would have imagined ;) Keep up the good work, the podcast is really great, we appreciate it!!