FIA to appeal, issue SL’s to drivers

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, world motorsport’s governing body, has decided to appeal the decision of the Tribunal de Grande Instance in overturning a lifetime ban from motorsport on Flavio Briatore.

The decision was tempered with the announcement that the FIA would not hamper drivers, currently managed by Briatore, from getting a Super License to compete in the 2010 season. This will come as welcome new to drivers such as Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber and Heikki Kovalainen.

The FIA seemed to suggest they are filing the appeal out of principle but more importantly they have been working on a new disciplinary system:

“The president of the FIA has consulted the FIA Senate and the FIA’s lawyers about the decision of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris of 5 January. It was unanimously agreed that an appeal would be prepared.

“In his election campaign last summer, the FIA president, Jean Todt, and his team announced new measures for constructive change, including a disciplinary procedure, would be introduced. Work on this is well advanced.

“Once in place, this will address the issues in the court’s judgment. Nonetheless, an appeal is merited.

“While the appeal is under way, the World Motor Sport Council’s decision of 21 September 2009 remains in full effect.

“However, in view of the uncertainty this may create for drivers who may be affected by this decision, the FIA president and FIA senate have decided that, pending the outcome of the FIA’s appeal, superlicences will continue to be issued to qualifying drivers in the usual way.

“The FIA president, the FIA Senate, the World Motor Sport Council, and the FIA’s member clubs from all countries will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure the continuing integrity and safety of the sport.”

Being legally defeated on a procedural grounds is not some the FIA will take lightly and suffice to say that they will not run aground again on something like this. The new system could possibly require that all key personnel working in the F1 series possess an official competition card from the FIA and be subject to its discipline and procedures.

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