FIA to impose three-strikes rule on McLaren?

The Daily Mail has suggested the FIA will urge the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) to adopt a “Three-strikes you’re out” policy with McLaren at tomorrows hearing. Naming a “well-placed” source, the Daily Mail suggests this will be strike two as the Espionage scandal of 2007 will constitute strike one.

Now there is a lot at stake here as the stockholders of McLaren have serious concerns about a race ban or something that would constitute a overreaching penalty. So much so that they have threatened to leave the sport should that happen. Bernie Ecclestone, the commercial rights boss of F1 and FIA vice President on the WMSC, would be very keen to not let this happen. This leaves a suspended exclusion and possible fine as the result of the WMSC hearing.

Will this appease the sponsors and fans?

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