FIA to use two fuel-flow sensors in 2020

The plot may have thickened slightly after the FI investigated Ferrari, a Ferrari-powered team and one non-Ferrari powered team after the Brazilian Grand Prix. It seems the area of focus was the fuel systems.

You’ll recall the clarification sought by Red Bull ahead of the US Grand Prix over a system that might be used to foil the existing FIA fuel-flow sensor in order to deliver more fuel to the engine. Much was made of the accusation and even more followed the race when Ferrari seemed to have a drop in pace at both the US GP and the Brazilian GP.

Ferrari are adamant that they are not doing anything untoward but the FI have released a new directive stating that the teams will be required to add a second sensor to their system in 2020. IT seems that they may be concerned that teams have discovered a way to flout the single sensor and mandated fuel flow of 100kg/h.

We talked about this on our podcast and while Max Verstappen chalked up Ferrari’s seemingly instant lack of pace in Austin to cheating, we thought that if they lacked pace in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, it may suggest that they were gaming the system. That’s all conjecture of course and what’s to say that they aren’t simply turning the engines down to get them through the remainder of the season? Well, actually Charles Leclerc’s brand new engine in Brazil might suggest the this isn’t the case.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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Some of us have followed F1 long enough to know that to a lesser or greater extent all teams cheat in some form. When you have such a tech heavy sport that is self regulating, it would be a surprise to find a legal car out there.
Ferrari may have found a way around the fuel flow and the FIA are tightening the rules around that, I can’t say it’s that big a deal.
I’m sure years from now we’ll find that the Mercs have had a trick system in their engine, and they just got away with it.