The oddity of the FIA’s suggestion regarding a manufacturer funded customer engine project for smaller teams has me nonplussed.  I am a fan of privateers, always have been, but I find the notion of building a fighting fund for small teams from the sweat of larger manufacturer’s…well…socialist at best and communist at worst.

Steve Matchett, rightfully, suggested that this type of slush fund for development should be born by the FIA if they indeed want to secure future participation from smaller teams.  I couldn’t agree more.  In fact I would add that the FIA should consider their current trend of strange behavior as a whole.  The reversal of the mass damper rule and BMW’s vertical wings are just a few of the wonky decisions handed down.  The engine freeze and mad dash to make F1 a hot bed of green technology with cars running on potato peels is not only fueling the liberal activist poltroons but suggests that perhaps Max and Bernie are really socialists hiding in a capitalist bespoke suits.

I find the idea of resource management and fuel technology and intriguing idea as it would lead to better fuel and energy management for road cars.  But the slew of suggestions from the foaming mouth of the FIA is really over the top.  Let’s hope cooler heads will prevail and that the best capitalists in the car industry prevail against the socialist leanings of a unhinged FIA.

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