FIA: Wins to decide World Champion for 2009

The World Motor Sport Council met today and ruled that the driver with the most wins will win the World Drivers Championship. Autosport did some quick matha few weeks ago when Bernie Ecclestone proffered his Olympic medals concept that hsowed based on wins, the result of 13 world titles would have changed over the history of F1.

In short, Bernie got his medals idea from Max today without the privileged of the driver actually getting a “gold medal”. Now it is just a regulation. The FIA also ignored the FOTA recommendation which showed that the surveyed fans do not want a simple “winner-takes-all” solution. They instead would like a tweaking of the points system that would keep the racing tight but allow the winner a little more gratification and incentive by increasing the points payout for a win.

From my perspective, this is another knee-jerk reaction that no one wanted except Bernie as he thinks the most wins is the exclusive prime mover for any team to compete. That consistent, good performance is really not a factor in F1…just wins. While the person who wins the most races is usually someone who is consistent, it obviously didn’t reflect that 13 times in the past. I have been a staunch believer that if a team has a driver who finishes second in every race and wins the title that it is by far a noble feat and deserves the championship. I guess the WMSC and Bernie disagree with me.

I am losing patience with the knee-jerk, pragmatic decisions of the FIA, WMSC and FOM. Messing with the points system is tantamount to de-valuing currency. It has a knock-on affect that is very egregious. It can really be detrimental to the series and skew what is and has always been the best racing in the world. NASCAR’s manipulation of points to create close racing is well documented. So much so that now “competition cautions” have been de rigueur and somewhat accepted by the fan base but it is also the very thing that is killing that sport in my opinion. leave the exciting racing to the teams and track, not a propped up points system and winner-takes-all type of gambit to make a false sense of entertainment.

I for one think this is a mistake and believe that FOTA’s suggestion should ahve been taken more seriously. Max knew that Bernie’s medal idea was half-baked and even said that the issue should be put before the fans for a decision knowing that the fans were adamantly against it. No one had to guts to tell Bernie that it was a bad idea. This prompted Bernie to suggest that they certainly weren’t going to ask what the fans wanted which raised the ire of many die hard fanatics of F1. So now we have Max and the FIA unable to turn Bernie’s medal idea down and yet have given him what effectively is a medal system without the medals.

I feel like I am being manipulated, lied to and unrepresented as a fan. I hereby form GPFA (Grand Prix Fans Association). Out goal is to regain some sanity in the sport we love and seek the removal of pragmatic, knee-jerk changes to a sport that makes a mockery of the pinnacle of motor racing. What’s next? A “Digger” mascot and cartoon of our own?

I will post a thread in the forum for GPFA member sign up. ;)

“The WMSC accepted the proposal from Formula One Management to award the drivers’ championship to the driver who has won the most races during the season,” said the FIA in a statement.

“If two or more drivers finish the season with the same number of wins, the title will be awarded to the driver with the most points, the allocation of points being based on the current 10, 8, 6 etc. system.

“The rest of the standings, from second to last place, will be decided by the current points system. There is no provision to award medals for first, second or third place. The Constructors’ Championship is unaffected.

“The WMSC rejected the alternative proposal from the Formula One Teams’ Association to change the points awarded to drivers finishing in first, second and third place to 12, 9 and 7 points respectively. “

Oh…PS- I guess they couldn’t tell us why the ruled against FOTA’s recommendation? Didn’t deserve their well-thought-out consideration? What happened to “transparency” Max? Guess we fans can’t comprehend complex decision trees, balance sheets and regulations…let alone points systems? I’m insulted.

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