FIA’s appeal over Mass Damper’s


Looking at the FIA’s odd behavior over the last few Grands Prix, Pat Symond’s of Renault is convinced they will loose their appeal for the German Stewards decision on the Mass Damping system.
“If the FIA wins the appeal – and I really do not believe the FIA can win the appeal on the grounds they have said – but if they do then we really have to start to relook at the definition of what a racing car is – its suspension, everything,”
Considering the Mass Damping system a movable aero device certainly does usher in some new considerations for the rules.  The tires themselves could be construed as a movable aero device given the behavior of the tire during top speed and slow corners.  The compression of the tire would certainly effect ride height just as the compression of the suspension.  This compression would allow the aero to work differently with reduced drag or increased negative lift.
Is a unit that is internal to a car and not impacting the air flow per se’ an aero device? 

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