FIA’s Blash to retire

Well you won’t have Herbie Blash to push around anymore. Not that anyone did push him around but while Charlie Whiting is a higher profile in Formula 1, I always had a soft spot for Herbie and his dedication to the FIA, FOM and the race weekend.

I’ve never met Herbie, maybe he’s a charming guy or maybe he’s got an edge to him and likes to take relational turns very wide forcing other people wide and off track. I have no idea but I like to think that a guy who started working in F1 the year I was born is a good guy in my playbook.

Blash joined the FIA in 1996 as deputy race director and has been the “other” white-haired gentleman you’ve seen ushering drivers from their cars into the weigh-in or cool-down room after the race. He cuts a distinguished figure in parc ferme and the FIA is going to miss him:

“I would personally like to thank Herbie for all of his hard work for the FIA over the past 21 years, and especially for his contribution in maintaining Formula 1’s place at the pinnacle of motorsport,” said FIA president Jean Todt.

“Along with Charlie [Whiting], Herbie has been instrumental in the seamless running of grand prix races for over two decades, and we are pleased that he will continue to work with the FIA in future.”

The current Safety director, Laurent Mekies, will take over Herbie’s role as well as his own. I hope they do something special for Herbie at the end of the season.


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He always has had a very quiet and charming demeanor on camera anyway…many post race driver emotions through the years and he always seemed to be a very even and calming hand. I hope replacement short-lists don’t include the Bieb’s.

Alianora La Canta

Fear not, Laurent Mekies has been given the nod. I don’t know much about him but I doubt he will have the Bieb’s flaws in the role.

Meine Postma

So, another forced moving on? To be replaced by a sycophant?


He is 67, which is currently past State Retirement age (i.e. he now gets a state pension in the UK). Perhaps he wants to retire?
Also as he worked for Bernie Ecclestone at Brabham (alongside Charlie Whiting) he could be viewed as one of Bernie’s men.

Meine Postma

Seen Bernie retire yet?