Talk about heavy handed! The FIA sent a letter to the drivers involved in the McLaren/Ferrari Stepney-gate issue.

“You will appreciate that there is a duty on all competitors and Super Licence holders to ensure the fairness and legitimacy of the Formula One World Championship. It is therefore imperative that if you do have any such information, you make it available to us without delay.

“I can confirm, given the importance of this issue, that any information you may make available in response to this letter will not result in any proceedings against you under the International Sporting Code or the Formula One regulations. However, in the event that it later comes to light that you have withheld any potentially relevant information, serious consequences could follow.”

What a way to motivate cooperation. Come out with grave threats to enlist cooperation as your first communication with the drivers? Hmmm…ok. The beatings will continue until morale improves~ FIA Management.


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All this makes for great F1 Blogging and Comments!! And here we thought nothing was going to come of all this.

Hey just a thought, if the World Council hands down a penalty, does that mean that McClaren can then can appeal (er–Appeals Board) the ruling?


This is all very, very ugly. But makes for interesting reading nevertheless.


Christian Danner (a former F1 driver) made some interesting comments in a German publication today. He said that there’s always a scandal right before the Italian GP and that it always seem to benefit Ferrari. Last year it was the mass damper and Fernando/Massa incident, and this year the spy stuff. He also raises a very interesting subject, namely Colin Collins possesion of the Toro Rosso underbody that was used to denounce the use of Red Bull engineering in the Toro Rosso. Danner portryed it as a double standard, saying Colin Colles should be banned for life from F1 for… Read more »


I see the point that something always comes out right before Monza but how much of that is just because of its location in the season vs it’s Ferrari’s home race… if Monza was the season opener would something happen then?

And RBR and TR are related. I know that means different engineering etc but if RBR didn’t make a big deal about it why would the FIA.