FIA’s Media-friendly initiative

Interestingly the FIA has adopted some of FOTA’s concept of making the sport more fan friendly. While that’s a noble charge these initiatives are like throwing a Dixie Cup of water on a California wild fire. Interviews are great and I applaud that but in reality, forcing the drivers to pony up more time for cameras and fans is intrinsically okay but what we really need is for Bernie to get off his arse and actually part with some inner-sanctum features.

Allow some cameras to follow teams and make a feature film on the inner-workings of a team during the season. I am thinking of a Truth in 24 type of thing for starters. Also, he needs to help produce a feature show that would be sold to host broadcasters as part of their package that highlights F1 and give the viewer unfettered access to the world of F1. Inside Grand Prix is a nice featurette but FOM could do even better with the access they have. They could also make DVD’s of former years so the fans new to the sport could go back and soak up the DNA of the sport they have recently discovered. Part of the reason people appreciate F1 today is they have been witness to or have discovered the history of the sport and that is galvanizing compared to Max’s circus Flatulence of today.

Don’t get me started on exposing fuel loads and race strategies.

The FIA will publish the weights of all cars after qualifying at each Event.

For greater clarity for spectators and media, wet tyres have been renamed “intermediate” and extreme-weather tyres renamed “wet”.

On the first day of practice all drivers must be available for autograph signing in their designated team space in the pit lane.

All drivers eliminated in qualifying must make themselves available for media interviews immediately after the end of each session.

Any driver retiring before the end of the race must make himself available for media interviews after his return to the paddock.

All drivers who finish the race outside the top three must make themselves available immediately after the end of the race for media interviews.

During the race every team must make at least one senior spokesperson available for interviews by officially accredited TV crews.

A number of further amendments were adopted for the 2009 Technical Regulations. Full details will be available shortly on

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