Finally, someone talking sense about Daniil Kvyat

With all the talk about how good plucky teen Max Verstappen has been, I’ve been on a bit of a one-man crusade to stop the consistent mind vomit about him replacing Daniil Kvyat at Red Bull for 2016. No offense to Max, he’s doing a terrific job but I think Daniil is too…given the hardware he has to work with. It seems maybe team boss Christian Horner feels the same:

“I don’t see any reason to change it,” said Horner.

“We don’t have any rush to make a decision, both the drivers are on long-term contracts, but it’s a successful partnership and it’s working well.”

Now color me reactionary but I think Kvyat has done what the team have asked and the last few races have been really stand-out performances for the young Russian. There will be a time for Max but I’m not sure we’ve seen all of Daniil to be honest. He hasn’t had the chassis and engine combination that Max has to be honest. If he did, you’d most likely see Daniel Ricciardo doing a whole lot better this year but he isn’t.

Let’s hope Daniil gets another season to really settle in and show the folks that the young driver program did produce some great talent and he’s one of them. I commend Horner for staying the course. That’s not to say things could change but let’s hope they don’t.


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At the start of the year it seemed to take Kvyat a while to get into a groove, but the last 3-4 races he really has shown great pedigree IMO. And yeah, I see no good reason for changing the RBR line-up apart from maybe Marko pushing for another of his pupils to step up, to make room for another at STR, as they have done in the past.


I agree that Danii deserves another chance and Max as good as his been needs more experience in a Toro Rosso. However I’m still not convinced by Ricciardo. Sure he out drove Vettel last year but as this year proves last year Vettel was half the driver he is! The thing with Ricciardo is all his overtakes are pretty 1 dimensional they all do or die outbraking moves and they not always going to end well. If you look at Max his naturally a late braker but he proved he can overtake anyway he wants to up the inside around… Read more »

Martin Faber

Couldn’t agree with you more about Ricciardo it all looks a bit desperate which in fact he francly is… Ricciardo is a good rider which deserves a seat, same goes for Kvyat who even might have better potential. Verstappen is a hazard to RBR, they might not be able to keep him inside once Ferrari and/or Mercedes will try to get him aboard which is in my opinion a matter of time. If RBR can’t give him a potential winning car in 2017 things may get hard to keep him on board. In fact RBR/TR have kind of a luxury… Read more »


Fully agree with you too bro! :)
Max V’s talent is to big to hang around it a midfield Torro Rosso or Red Bull his a type of driver is going to be a must have for a top team.
You could see Ricciardos move on Rosberg coming from Friday Free practice already it was that obvious lol! :)


It looked to me that the Toro Rosso was a much better chassis than the Red Bull. The extra resources available to Red Bull has allowed them to finally move ahead of their junior team. The issue is with Ricciardo and Kvyat being early in their careers, there is nowhere for the Toro Rosso pair to graduate. It would be a shame to see another pair of promising drivers discarded by Red Bull in a year or two.


I too think Danil should stay at the parent team. Would there ever be a scenario where a driver is demoted for a season to the junior team – see basically every soccer team and Bianchi at Marussia.

peter riva

Yes, he will stay – why? Because (thankfully) he’s damn good and mainly because Bernie really, really, wants a Russian driver in F1.

Jimmy Wallace

If I’m not mistaken Kvyat had the most overtakes in Spa – not bad considering it can’t be easy to overtake at a power circuit with the Renault engine.