Fire up the PlayStation, you could be working at McLaren

I suppose if you’re really good at simulator racing, you could just land a job at McLaren according to the new contest the team are running across multiple platofrms and racing titles.

The contest will identify six international finalists with four additional qualifiers from select online qualifying events this summer. McLaren boss, Zak Brown, said:

“This is a hugely exciting opportunity – not only within the gaming industry, but for everyone at McLaren and motorsport in general,” said executive director Zak Brown. “We’ve long witnessed the growth of online sports gaming, and, right now, the parallels between the real and the virtual worlds have never been closer.

“This is absolutely the right time to be creating such a unique and exciting proposition; one that connects the worlds of racing and gaming in a way that’s never been explored before.”

“The winner will genuinely be a key part of our team at McLaren. This is for real: we absolutely require additional support across our two simulator platforms, so the competition and the selection process will be rigorous, ruthless and compelling to watch.”

I did the Ferrari simulator when Fernando Alonso was still there and they compared my data to his…what a joke. I wasn’t even in the same galaxy as he was. There are folks are incredibly good at simulator driving. I just wonder if that translates to actual driving compared to young people who start karting when they are 5-years-old?

I’ve seen a lot of professional drivers jump in sims and light it up but does that work in reverse? It’s not what McLaren are intending, anyway, as they want this winner to work with them on their simulator work so there is a distinction.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1

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Tom Firth

Unique opportunity? You are most of a decade too late McLaren. Darren Cox and Nissan, Sony and Jann Mardenborough among others perfected this with the Nissan GT Academy programme.

Nissan actually got people into races too, not just a sim. Ordenez and Mardenborough have gone on to be very talented drivers in their own right.

Meine Postma

I guess they are anticipating when nobody wants to drive for McLaren anymore, so they now recruit gamers.