First no Kimi in F1. Now no Villeneuve either

Oh, wait. That’s OK. No one was pining for his return, right?

Still, it has to be something like news when former world champion Jacques Villeneuve admits his dream of getting back into Formula 1 is over.

So, here’s your news:

Villeneuve does not think his proposed team could be revived for a future F1 bid having missed out this year, and has therefore called time on his attempts to get back into F1.

“It looks quite dim right now,” Villeneuve told BBC Radio Five Live of his F1 hopes.

“We worked hard on it this year, to come back and build a team. That was the easiest way.

“But then it didn’t work out, so I think it’s time to not bother looking at F1 anymore.

“We had the budget to build a team and you can only hang on to that for a certain time, and then people get bored and move on to something else. It was a lot of work and we concentrated only on that.

“All the other stuff we’re doing took to the backburner, like NASCAR. I think it’s time to just focus on one thing.”

So, there you have it. JV says his focus now is on NASCAR. (The SuperV8 race this month wasn’t anything too serious, in other words.)

I actually think a ranting and raving JV might fit well into NASCAR. Anyone agree?

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