Fisichella, armed with a Ferrari, takes over Moscow

Vlad Putin isn’t the only buff, good looking, outdoorsy type to pose in the Red Square. No, the Roman Formula One driver Giancarlo Fisichella has taken over the historic city of Moscow with a screaming Ferrari and a few friends. The fifth Moscow City Racing event saw professional racing drivers and race cars perform in the historic centre of the Russian capital.

The main attraction on the street circuit that winds its way past the Kremlin was the Formula 1 display, which featured Giancarlo Fisichella driving a Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton in a McLaren and Charles Pic at the wheel of a Marussia. Along with the drivers from other teams, Giancarlo Fisichella took part in a press conference and then a parade, during which the Italian saluted the crowd from behind the wheel of a Ferrari FF (the four-wheel drive Ferrari for those Russian oil barons) before doing some laps at the wheel of a 2009 F60. Fisi said:

“You never get used to events like this,” said Fisichella. “My second visit to Moscow with Ferrari was even more exciting than the first, maybe because last year, it was all new to me. This year, with a better idea of what the track is like and the spectacle generated by an event like this, I was amazed by every little detail, from the perfect organization to the support of the huge number of fans. Apart from the nice weather which added to the success of a perfect and unforgettable day, I would like to thank the Ferrari family and its sponsor, Kaspersky Lab for having once again given me the opportunity to be here and I hope that Russia has a great motor sport future.”

The surprise, for me, is the whereabouts of current Russian driver Vitaly Petrov (whom it might be said is telling the press he’s ready to get back up front and kick everyone’s a$$). Surely someone could have found a car for Vitaly to put around in? Then again, if they had brought a Caterham F1 car, Putin surely would have seized the controls and driven it around the square for a photo op of his virility.

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