If you haven’t checked out the BBC Five Live Podcast it is perhaps the best F1 Podcast out there (yes, I think it is better than GPWeekly, Autosport, Speed and Formulapod but then again, it is professionally ran and supported by the BBC). Yes, I like F1B’s Podcast a lot but we are a web site/Podcast of commentary, not content like so many other great sites. Five Live is just such a site. This weeks Hungarian Review is a very revealing interview with both Alonso and Hamilton. Our F1B friend John Stone pointed it out as well. Give a listen and see what you think:

Chequered Flag

The NC Take:

Lewis has finally shown us his true colors and while Steve and the crew at the Chequered Flag are oozing praise replete with commendations, adulation and absolution for his part in the Quali-gate; I find the lad to be dual in nature and action. To say that “you have to look out for number one” and then scoff at Fernando’s move—well, son Fernando WAS looking out for number one.

I will try to find the audio clip of one of the very first races where Lewis was obviously upset that he didn’t win and Alonso did. He said over the radio, and it was broadcast in the states, that the next time he was going to win it. You could here the seediness in his voice on the radio and not the adulation of a man who finished 2nd with a great team one, two finish.

I am in a state of complete humility when acknowledging this young mans natural talent but with friends like that in the paddock; who needs enemas? Here is to Alonso for winning the WC again.

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