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Flavio Briatore is not finished sharing his stark opinion on F1 on the heels of last weeks tirade. Except this week I agree with him so that makes it alright in my book. Flavio says that FOTA are seeking a moratorium, of sorts, on the KERS issue for 2010. While eight cars are said to be planning on using the KERS in Bahrain this weekend, it remains to be seen if there is any significant gains being made by the system.

This, in my book, couldn’t come at a better time. Max Mosley’s KERS concept has cost the teams millions of Euros and has not offered the revolutionary image-building initiative that Max touted as the prime mover for such a device. Making F1 “green” KERS is not. Making it expensive, dangerous and not-quicker is something it definitely has done.

Gazzetta dello Sport about KERS disappearing from F1 at the end of the season, Briatore said: “Yes: FOTA wants to ban it from 2010.

“We understood immediately that KERS was a money-sucking genius, and the FIA should have taken note of that. It should have been discussed before the start of the season, and the same goes for the diffusers. Having failed to do that has forced on us expenses that are crazy as much as useless.”

Briatore remains angry about the development costs his team is facing because of the need to develop a double-decker diffuser.

“The fault is the rules being unclear,” he explained. “They must become transparent again. It’s either black or white.

“To this day I don’t yet understand what the FIA means by hole in the diffuser, so I can imagine the embarrassment for the viewers. And besides that, we must all get back on the same footing: today in F1 there are some racing with KERS and some without, some with the super diffuser and some without. That’s not good.”

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