This interview originally appeared in the 10 July edition of Welt am Sonntag. A great article about Flavio’s opinion of Max. One may argue the nuances of Max, Bernie and the FIA but could this be the first vestiges of Renault signing the new Concord Agreement with Ferrari? Is this a tip of the hat to the powers that be? I doubt that any such implications can be gained but this is perhaps the most intelligent and succinct point I have ever read from Flavio. I think he presents it pretty well and lays out what will eventually become the outcome of all the chest-pounding and hair-pulling between the GPWC and FIA/FOM.

“Max Mosley has done a good job in the last few years,” said Briatore. “He is an intelligent, capable man with good ideas. This does not mean that everything he proposes is perfect. But I agree in general with his most important demands.
“We have to make Formula One safer, more exciting and cheaper. For this we need a strong FIA president like Mosley to regulate things. But also Ferrari because of the attractiveness and unity of the series.”
“There has not been and will never be a Formula One war, We all know what Formula One needs. We need unity, a strong FIA who is watching everything, but also more money than before for the teams and manufacturers.
“The manufacturers will develop a system together with the FIA and Ecclestone in which everybody is a part, Ferrari too. This would mean that from 2008 onwards the train would move in the same direction.”
“We are trying to find a compromise with the FIA and Ecclestone,” he said. “We accept both positions. We neither have a problem with Bernie nor with Max or the FIA. Everything just needs to be re-adjusted in everybody’s sense.”
“That is not the problem. The question is whether this will help all parties concerned in the end. This is the only thing that counts.”
“We are all in the same boat. None of us can shoot a hole in the boat. We all need to get closer and leave our personality problems at home. That is the real problem.”

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