Flavio hinting at F1 return — and here’s the role he should play

Flavio Briatore has said the words we all longed to hear: “I was thrown out as though a criminal. I will never come back to Formula 1 as team manager, but perhaps [I will return] after 2012 in another role.”

The quote comes via Top Gear, and originates with Italy’s Sky Sports 24.

And so the thaw continues.

We’ve already had Bernie Ecclestone ponder his good buddy’s return to Formula 1, and, much like Flavio, Bernie suggested there could be some interesting role for the former Renault boss, perhaps something in marketing.

Not that F1 needs any marketing, mind you…

It sounds clear that Flav won’t return to run a team, and I certainly can see why he wouldn’t. But then what? Would he really want to play second fiddle to Bernie in a marketing position, always having Bernie seconding guessing him?

That just doesn’t seem like Flavio to me. Plus, it’s too subservient to the FIA, too.

Here’s a better idea.

The classic circuits — Silverstone, Spa, Monza, Monaco — and maybe some “new world” ones — Montreal, San Paulo and why not a group representing the U.S.? — should band together and hire Flavio to look out for and market their interests. He’s someone who could bring in sponsors (and maybe placate Bernie with extra dollars) or, if F1 starting looking elsewhere seriously, could rally media and fans in protest.

He might also be able to operate in the case of another FOTA / FIA split.

Flavio Briatore, Classic Formula 1 Circuit Organization CEO.

Why not?

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