Flavio likes new ‘winner-takes-all’ system

Never at a loss for words…but sometimes at a loss of delivering said words in a comprehensible manner…Renault boss Flavio Briatore has publicly endorsed Bernie and Max’s ‘winner-takes-all’ scoring system announced yesterday.

Like Bernie, Flavio thinks that drivers need motivation to start actually racing each other and going for wins:

“I don’t have any problem with the gold medals,” Briatore said.

“I think it’s excellent motivation for drivers to win. Formula one is always about winning and overtaking, and if this is extra motivation, I think we are going the right way.”

I am thinking the salaries drivers are paid and the management that manages them should be motivation enough to win. Cheap parlor tricks shouldn’t be a prime mover for these guys to behave like professionals and actually maximize their efforts each time they get in a car. If they aren’t doing that, there are hundreds of young folks out there that would love the chance to do so.

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