Flavio likes team unity of FOTA

Flavio, who said he liked the winner-takes-all scoring format ramrodded down the throats of the teams and fans last week and since overturned, says he is impressed with the team unity that FOTA has shown and explains why the winner-takes-all format was of no interest to them.

“What has happened demonstrated that if the teams are together, their voice can count,” he was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

“It’s not true that the teams had been informed, and in any case with Ecclestone we talked about medals, but we never talked about the criteria approved by the world council.”

He added that the teams simply thought the new system was unnecessary, rather than being vehemently against it.

“Why are we against it? Because we don’t feel it’s interesting, that’s all,” said Briatore.

Although Flav said he liked it, he says it wasn’t interesting tot he teams. Now let’s face it…someone got a hold of Flav and scripted him a little.

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