“The Renault boss fears that Ferrari, Bridgestone’s long-standing partner, will enjoy an advantage when Michelin leaves the sport as scheduled at the end of the current season.To help nullify the period of adaptation for teams who must switch to the Japanese brand, including Renault, Briatore thinks the ruling body should impose a fundamental regulation change – such as the re-introduction of slicks.”I believe what the federation should be doing to be fair is change the compound … change the construction … change completely,” the Italian was quoted as saying by PA Sport. “

Interesting thought from the Flav. Could Ferrari’s partnership be an unfair advantage in 2007? Or is the tire designed to a spec enough to give a playing field more even to all teams? Flavio was concerned as Ferrari seemed to outpace all other Bridgestone runners but then again; isn’t Ferrari a better package all things considered? Is I pure tire knowledge that has Ferrari outperforming Williams? All good questions but the answers probably lie within your response. So what’s your opinion?

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