Flavio still attacking: Brawn should get no money

Flavio Briatore is still after the Brawn GP team which started with an emotional tirade yesterday and has been added to by his demand that the Brawn GP team does not receive the participation money that Honda F1 would have gotten for 2009.

“Despite some being against it, [Luca di] Montezemolo kept the FOTA united in supporting Brawn GP, and so did McLaren, in supplying engines,” said Briatore.

“But since [Ross] Brawn was our technical delegate, and he forces me to spend money I don’t have in my budget, and since Honda’s money have luckily not been shared yet, we’ll have a meeting.

“My proposal will be as follows. Brawn is richer than anyone else, because he’s had his team paid for in full by Honda, plus he’s had 130 millions given to him [by Honda]: he’s certainly richer than I am.

“I don’t want to be a Robin Hood, but when there’s a situation where everyone is transparent then it’s fine.

“At this moment my position is, since I need to find the money in the budget somewhere and the season can’t end up with [everyone] being one second behind the Brawn cars, then the money share will have to be reviewed in full. I think it’s around 30 million Euros.”

This is starting to get ugly.

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