Flavio: What the heck is Red Bull thinking?

Flavio Briatore thinks it is “incomprehensible” that Red Bull does not have Sebastian Vettel in a supporting role as Mark Webber vies for the drivers championship.

He spoke to the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport, a piece helpfully translated by Autosport. Here’s Flavio’s key points:

“I don’t understand many things. Vettel has taken points away from Webber in Singapore, thus giving a present to Ferrari,” Briatore was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Despite the fact that Mark was not on the ball in the last race and even fumbled the start, I find what’s happening incomprehensible. Unless Red Bull, who has a big points gap, is aiming for the Constructors’ Championship only.”

The Italian reckons Webber is the surprise of the year even if he doesn’t take the title.

“A great man, a fair sportsman, a fine racing driver,” he said of Webber. “No matter how it ends up, the surprise of the year is him. No one put him among the favourites, but I did, as I’ve known his qualities and tenacity for years.

“He’s made good use of every chance. I expect him to be on the attack this week end in Japan already.”

All the praise for Webber aside, Flavio isn’t about to call him the best driver on the grid. He says that for, surprise surprise, Fernando Alonso:

“He’s the strongest, someone who knows how to take the team in the right direction. Without him Renault would not have taken two titles,” he said.

“Alonso is the world class racing driver we know, and Ferrari has demonstrated to be a great team in the last two races. Fernando contributed with his speed and his class, but the men in the garage added their ability in the pit stops. And the engineers have brought car developments that worked.”

The ever team-oriented Flavio also suggests Felipe Massa know his role.

Any arguments with Flavio’s thinking? Sounds like the type of thinking that could have benhind Crashgate, huh?

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