Podcast #438

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We even discuss the Misano GP from Sunday’s MotoGP race, broadcasting issues (once again), Ferrari engines, Williams and their cost concerns, McLaren and K-Mags, Haas F! and the lack of an American driver and more.

Fashion award winner:

GQ- From Lewis Hamilton's FB page.
GQ- From Lewis Hamilton’s FB page.
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Keith has gone full goblin.


Photo Titled: “Lionel Richie & Keith Richards get photo bombed.”


Does anyone notice how often Grace says the word “right”?? …. Love the pod … just noticed it.

Sir Andrew

… now listen out for Todd saying “Crazy” and Paul with “Yeah, no”.

Its the little things that help me like the podcast :)

Negative Camber

That’s crazy.

Paul KieferJr

I’m just waiting for the “PATRICK HEAD!!!”

Sir Andrew

Aaargh! I missed the “That”. Amateurish mistake!

Keep up the excellent work, can’t wait for the Singapore review :)

Paul KieferJr

1. Always a piece of education somewhere. 2. I think I saw that ‘ghost car” thing once. 3. I’m kinda okay with the 320 P. 4. I drove one lap there one time. I think I saw myself in a wheelchair when I got back. 5. We’ll need to bring in the EPA for this. 6. ….and I’m so far behind I need a train ticket to get back. 7. Well, sure, you can run last year’s stuff! I bought my car when it was a year old. Been happy ever since. :-D 8. Why can’t they just simplify stuff?… Read more »


Have you remembered what you forgot yet?
Singapore Race picks.

Negative Camber

BOOM!!! That’s it, I knew I was forgetting something. You’re brilliant!


Negative Camber, I listened to your podcast this morning and you said that the only reason why you watch NBCSN broadcast vs SkyF1 is because it is in HD and not a small window at 320p. My friend do you know that you can stream SkyF1 in HD. I watch SkyF1 in HD format connecting my laptop to my 60 in TV through the VGA port and running the sound through my home theater.


Being in the states I’ve had very little success accessing Sky content, so I assume if you’re here as well you’re using some “other” means to get that done vs the Sky website itself? Enlighten, thanks.


I’m in the states too. There are several ways to watch SkyF1. Some websites offer decent picture, but you have to navigate through the pop-ups. I use a streaming software called Acestream. It requires a ID code (acestream code) that you have to find that will connect you to the SkyF1 streams. There is one for HD, another for SD but it is pretty good quality. Or if you are willing to wait a couple of days, there is a reddit page that has links to download the race.


BBC’s coverage can be streamed or downloaded in the US at 720p or better resolution… You just need to subscribe to a VPN service.

We watch BBC’s coverage of every race on our Family Room AppleTV by downloading it off a VPN and then tossing it to the AppleTV via AirPlay.

It works well for us since we like F1 – but not so much to get up at 2AM to watch the race live…


The BBC highlights reel, available via the iplayer and a vpn service is far superior to the NBC broadcast. I dont usually watch live anyway due to the times, so I either watch the BBC highlights, or download a Sky torrent.
As I have said many times before, I am happy to pay for a quality product, but NBC doesnt have one on offer.


I interpreted Claire Williams a little differently (If Lewis Hamilton ever loses the title, how about a Claire Williams fashion award? Always with the very smart shoes. Love those Williams edition blue and white flats). My impression, when she said ‘we need 20-30 mil to make a dif and the only ways to get it are mass layoffs or restructuring’ what I heard was ‘if you’re serious about this, no matter what rule changes you make we can’t save the necessary money on our end without gutting the talent and ruining the teams, so what you need to do is… Read more »