FOPA hails Silverstone’s membership in circuit union

Formula One is ripe with groups, teams and associations. Formula One Management handles the commercial rights for the sport and the GPDA represents the drivers and then FOTA came along and was to represent the teams. Now we have FOPA or Formula One Promoters Association which represents the circuits where Formula 1 races.

Chaired by Australian promoter Rob Walker, the group aims to position the circuit promoters in a favorable light in the financial and political negotiations of the future of F1. Whether the group will be effective in managing to get their voices heard in the continuing Concorde Agreement negotiations or not remains to be seen but banning together to represent the host circuits is a logical conclusion.

Logical or not, the big question may be the need for such a group and the efficacy of its existence. Will F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone take notice or afford FOPA a seat in negotiations or a voice in the debate? Can the group impact the financial sanctioning fee amounts for hosting F1 events?

Suspending your historical perspective of F1 and how such groups have been handled by Ecclestone in the past, what good do you think could come from an organized group of circuits? before you answer, it is important to know that Silverstone has just signed on and is now part of the group as well. Can this assembly of asphalt owners really impact F1 and have any impact on the sport? Many fans have been asking why it’s taken this long to assemble.

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