For my birthday, F1 gives me… no more Kimi?

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I figured I’d dodge a bullet, of sorts, yesterday when I blew out a tire on my MINI, which hastened the replacement of all four pretty worn tires. (Thanks a lot, Malibu Canyons!)

But at least it hadn’t happened on my birthday.

And so I woke up today with a sunny attitude and a positive outlook.

Until this from Finnish TV station MTV3. Here’s the poorly translated version, but you’ll get the gist:

German World Cup squad in preparation for Kimi Raikkonen F1 career with the most likely over.

– I’m certainly no longer a source of formulas. Would have had the opportunity to go, but I think it career has not been seen, “said Raikkonen MTV3 Germany.

Raikkonen does not confirm it will continue even World Rally Championship series. The current contract with Citroen junior team only covers this season.

– Next year will be different options. I’ll see anything running. But I guess something we invented. Multiplied when we know more, Raikkonen has promised.

Yes, folks, that’s Kimi Raikkonen saying his days in Formula 1 are over. Good thing, though, while he is being coy, it sounds like he will return to rallying. I bet he will want a more competitive salary. (Which means you’ll have to get more competitive, Kimi!)

But, argh! I was so intent on wearing my Kimi Ferrari hat to the Austin GP, even though I figured he’d be driving for HRT at that point. But still.

This does open a door, though. Yes, Kimi won a world drivers title with Ferrari. But given his early exit from the team and the sense that he could have delivered much more on the track, just how disappointing was his career? Does he rank near the top of “most disappointing F1 driver ever?” (And who might that person be?*)

* OK, I’ll give it away. Obviously Sebastien Bourdais!


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